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Whether you are a new student pursuing a career goal, or a mature student wanting to advance your career, we can find a program that will match your needs. At FNUniv you have the unique opportunity to study in an environment that supports First Nations cultures, languages, and values. Everyone (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) is welcome to participate in and learn through ceremony with Elders as well as through classroom-based experience. Our courses, programs, and instructors are accredited by the University of Regina, and all University of Regina classes are open to FNUniv students.

Academic Programs

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Do I need to fill out a separate application form when applying to the First Nations University of Canada?

No. The only application form you need to complete is the University of Regina application form. You are applying to the University of Regina and simply selecting the First Nations University of Canada as your Federated College. Therefore, you complete the U of R application form, selecting the First Nations University of Canada as your campus of choice (you must also select your campus location Regina, Saskatoon, or Prince Albert). You must meet the U of R admission requirements for your program to be accepted. While we do not admit students directly through the First Nations University of Canada, one of our Student Recruitment Officers would be happy to help you through the application process.

The University of Regina handles all applications for admission.

For more information, or to make an appointment with one of our Student Recruitment Officers: Phone: 306-790-5950 ext. 3127

Method 1: Apply Online.

Follow the prompts to set-up a temporary password and ID:

  • A valid e-mail address and credit card number are required.
  • Select First Nations University of Canada and the campus you wish to attend (Regina, Saskatoon or Prince Albert).

The online application can be found at:

Method 2: Paper Based Application.

Select the First Nations University of Canada as your registration choice under FACULTY AND PROGRAM DETAILS (question 7) and select your faculty of choice. If you are unsure of a major and/or faculty, leave it blank.

You must submit a non-refundable $100 Canadian application fee. Cheques or money orders may be mailed along with the application or Visa or MasterCard payment may be made on the application form. Those applying online must use Visa or MasterCard. Applications can be found at:


High School Transcripts

Students applying from high school must supply one original copy of their high school transcript. Students attending a Saskatchewan high school are encouraged to have their transcript transmitted electronically by the Ministry of Education.

Post-Secondary Transcripts

Students who have completed any post-secondary education (other than post-secondary courses completed at the University of Regina) must arrange for two official transcripts to be sent directly to U of R Admissions from their previous post-secondary institute.

International Students

International students are admitted by the department of International

Admissions at the University of Regina. International students are encouraged to call or email International Admissions regarding admission requirements. They can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone at


Graduate Applications

To apply for admissions into the Graduate Program for a Master’s Degree please contact Graduate Studies and Research. They can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone at 306-585-4461.

Re-Admission and/or Faculty Transfer

For Re-Admission into the university after an absence of more than one year please submit a Re-Admission/Faculty Transfer form. Please note that if you were required to discontinue you must also submit a petition letter with your Re-Admission/Faculty Transfer form. The Re-Admission/Faculty Transfer form is also used if a student wishes to transfer from one faculty to another.

Where Do I Find the Forms I Need to Apply?

Application forms and Re-Admission/Faculty Transfer forms (both online and paper based versions) can be found at Please visit the “Deadlines” tab for information on important dates.

Admission Forms (Undergrad)
Education Teacher Profile

Admission Deadline/Info

Re-Admission/Petition Student

Students are eligible to register if they:

  • have been admitted to the First Nations University of Canada or the University of Regina
  • have registered at least once in the last three semesters
  • have not been required to discontinue from the First Nations University of Canada or the University of Regina or a faculty
  • don’t owe money to the First Nations University of Canada or the University of Regina
  • Students who have not attended in the past three semesters and students who were required to discontinue must apply for re-admission. Apply On-line for Re-admission and for Faculty/College Transfer

Students who were required to discontinue must submit a letter of petition to their chosen faculty.

In most faculties and colleges, academic advising is mandatory for some groups of students before they are eligible to register.

How to Petition to Return to School
Re-Admission Application
Education Deadlines
University Deadlines
Admission Requirements
Entrance Scholarship
Student Success Services

For inquiries or to book an appointment, please call:

Toll Free: 1-800-267-6303

  • Regina 306-790-5950 ext. 3127
  • Saskatoon 306- 931-1800 ext. 5000
  • Prince Albert 306-765-3333 ext. 7000

U of R Orientation

If you are curious about any of FNUniv’s three campuses, we would be happy to arrange a tour for you to get a feel for the campus amenities and atmosphere.

Financial Aid

  • First Nations University students have a number of options for financial aid.
  • If you are of Treaty Status and are registered with a First Nation Band, you can contact your band’s post-secondary counsellor for funding procedures.
  • If you are of Métis ancestry, you can contact your Métis local for further information.
  • You can apply to Canada-Saskatchewan Integrated Student Loans Program.
  • For more information about loans, pick up a Student Loan Application kit contact:

Student Service Centre

1120 – 2010 12th Avenue

Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 0M3

Phone: 306-787-5620

Fax: 306-787-1608

Helpful Links:

Time Tickets and Registration

Registration dates are dependent on your time ticket. Your time ticket information is available by logging into your UR Self-Serve account. Time tickets are based on the number of completed credit hours you have earned. For more information please visit: Time Tickets and Registration

Important Deadlines