Community-Based/Academic Partnership Poised to Examine the Root Causes of HIV and AIDS

September 17, 2014

Community members and academic researchers gathered at the First Nations University of Canada’s Regina Campus to publically launch Digging Deep: Examining the Root Causes of HIV and AIDS among Aboriginal Women. The three-year project, funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research, will engage in community-based participatory research with, by and for Indigenous women affected by HIV and AIDS

“I am pleased to see this project come into fruition as there has been years of groundwork and past collaborations with the All Nations Hope Network and the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network,” stated Dr. Carrie Bourassa, FNUniv Professor, Indigenous Health Studies and co-Principal Investigator for Digging Deep. “We will be exploring a model of culturally safe care and ensuring that there is a legacy from this research for both community members and academics through what we commonly refer to as the two-eyed seeing model.”

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