Online Services

Your computer account provides you with access to the following services:

  • Email — each student is provided with an email address and 10MB of mail storage. Your email address is “your account username”

You can send and receive email both on and off campus through your web browser by visiting this website:

  • Net Storage — each student receives 40MB of free file storage space on the university’s server. It allows you to keep your files in one accessible place, instead of relying on floppy disks. When on campus, you can access your personal “I:” drive by logging into any computer with your account username and password. When off campus, you can access your files by visiting the following website:
  • Printing — your computer account allows you to print at any of the computer labs. You can print either single or double-sided pages.
  • UR Courses — some instructors post course material online. You can access the material on and off campus. You can access UR Courses by visiting this following website:

In addition, students can log onto UR Self-Serve and have access to:

  • grades
  • transcripts
  • tax forms
  • financial holds
  • personal information
  • parking permits
  • book lists

For technical help using UR Courses, please contact:

UR Courses


Online Courses